Jungdong, a farmer who practices mountain dairy farming in Iwaizumi town, Iwate Prefecture

Good milk is born from the environment where a healthy cow spends.

Mr. Jungdong, who is the founder of "See Ranch", was born in Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture in 1952.In the life of a mountain village in Tohoku at that time, it was usual that there were cows nearby.Some day, Mr. Jungdong came to ponder vaguely "it becomes bootes".

Jungdong went on to go to Tokyo Agricultural University to study the modern dairy farming, and was looking for a way of "dairy farming that I really want to do".And then I met a documentary film on the theme of "Mountain farming."Seeing such a spectacle that the mountain and the cow live together, Mr. Jungdong was decided to return to the hometown and to challenge this mountain dairy farm.

Healthy and happy cows live without any inhibitions on the mountain

In the modern dairy farm where cows are kept in the barn, it is different in the case of the mountainous dairy farm although man does all taking care of the cow.We only help a little because of the way we entrust the cow's ability to the fullest and leave it to nature."It's not dairy farming," Jungdong says with a smile.Because it is a natural grazing, the cow is free to walk the mountain, eat the grass and live, so stress-free.So to speak, you can milking delicious milk in a happy environment.

If there is a point that is difficult, such milk becomes expensive."Milk is the one that the mother cow cuts the life for the calf originally and makes it.Man is in a position to receive the neighbour.There's a lot of jungdong in the cheap. "Thanks to the grazing of the cows, the beautiful green grasslands spread through the mountains.It may be the dairy farming of cattle and humans.