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This is a video about Tohoku Namahage.This is a great video, so please help us in sales. In addition, the Namahage Experience Tour was able to be done by the original.Please contact us at any time.

Thanks to your cooperation, we have greatly cleared our original goals and received the best projects and evaluations in nine businesses. Thanks for your cooperation.Thank you in the future.

Hello, Tohoku Premium Saporters Clver.Today we will give you the good news. I went to New York, London for a sales call.Would you believe it.Tohoku Special feature 10p has been decided Nast. It will be published in the November issue.This will increase gazen attention to Tuaope and wealthy overseas.If you get a magazine, I would like to share it with you.

Condé with Nast Traveler,

⾏ of the ⼀ of the ⽶ ⼤ ⼿, which has a ⾼-earners readership.⾼ Quality Travel ⾏, the latest information on hotels, restaurants, shopping, etc., and the number of ⾏ between ⽉ is about 810,000.The average household income of a reader

⼀ of the ⽶ country famous Travel ⾏ magazine, which targets about 109,000 million (about 11 million million) north ⽶ wealthy.


Hi all.It is yuge of the way of walking on the earth. From August 27 to August 31, we will go to a travel agency in London, England.  In particular, I would like to explain the material of the ryokan. If you have an English article or a pan-red, please send it to yuge by 8/22 days. Thank you.