Experience Name: Farmhouse Minshuku
Subject: Iwate Prefecture
Area Name: Tono City

There is a nostalgic Japan scenery in the folklore village Tono.

Tono City in Iwate Prefecture, known as the folk tale village.A lot of folklore that Kappa and the zashiki-warashi appear, and there are various spots which made them a motif.This folklore has been handed down because the people living in Tono have cherished the beautiful satoyama and the workings of it that have been protected since ancient times.There is a mansion of the thatched roof, and hills and fields continue in the back of the field, and the horse advances slowly.

The Satoyama and life that are passed down to the next generation

There are a lot of people in the local area who want to inherit the beautiful Satoyama of Tono and transferred to their descendants.”Tono-yama-sato-Life Network” is one of them, and we are working to convey the splendor of Tono to the people who live in the city through exchanges.We also have a rural stay-type working holiday, a trip for urban children to experience rural areas, and a farmhouse with a variety of experiences.

Experience Tono’s life at a farmhouse Inn

If you touch the life of Tono in two days per night, a farmhouse Minshuku is recommended.There are many places to choose from, and they can be coordinated according to your wishes.Most of the flow will be gathered at Jr Tono Station, where the people of the farmhouse will come to pick you up, visit farms and make local dishes.It is said that the style of parting at Tono station is the basic one after the farmer’s house is done for one night, the farm works, etc., and it eats by making lunch together.Next, we will introduce a farmhouse that will arrange for you.

A farmhouse with a distinctive location

In the “Farmhouse Minshuku Sozukuritei”, you can experience light farming, Japan culture experience such as kimono, horseback riding experience, and handicraft.You can also make local dishes using seasonal produce with the mother of the Inn in a nostalgic old house.On the other hand, in “Milk-inn Egawa”, there is a ranch in addition to the field, you can experience the cow care and milking throughout the year, you can also taste the sake and doburoku of 100% handmade cloudiness made by fermentation.

Choose your favorite experience to match

You can experience the farming experience such as tomatoes and rice cultivation, pizza making and local cuisine, “farmhouse Minshuku agriturismo Omori Family”.You can also make ice cream with seasonal fruits and vegetables.The one used for the meal is the one of the self-cultivation which does not use the pesticide, and the soap which uses it in the Inn also uses the one which thought about the environment, and can experience an organic life.In addition, there is also “farmhouse Minshuku Mizuki” which can experience straw work, and “Farmer Minshuku global” which runs the dairy industry.

Farmhouse Minshuku
【 Certified NPO Tono-yama-zato-Life Network 】
Phone 0198-62-0601
URL https://tonoysknet.wixsite.com/tabi
【 Farmhouse Minshuku Sozukuri tei 】
Address 5-2-2 Hirakura, Kamigo-machi, Tono-shi, Iwate
Phone 0198-65-2581
URL http://ameblo.jp/kikuti-kikuko/
【 Farmhouse Minshuku agriturismo Omori House 】
Address 18-189-1 Tsuchibuchi, Tsuchibuchi-cho, Tono-shi, Iwate
Phone 090-2024-7759
URL http://sinoboo.wix.com/agriturismo-bigwoods
【 Farmhouse Minshuku Mizuki 】
Address Masuzawa 34-104-1, Miyamori-cho, Tono-shi, Iwate
Phone 0198-69-7833
URL http://www.tonotv.com/members/mizuki/