Experience Name: Yamabushi Training School
Subject: Yamagata Prefecture
Area Name: Haguro-machi, Tsuruoka City

The Holy Land of Shugendo that conveys the spirit of the old Japan

Shugendo is a religion in which Buddhism and Taoism have been incorporated into the mountain belief of the age of Japan.One of the three major shugendo in the Japan is the Dewasanzan Shugendo of the center of Yamagata Prefecture.The Dewasanzan is a general term of three mountains of Mt. Haguro, Mt. Gassan and Yudonosan.It has been known as the sacred place which represents Tohoku for a long time, and Japan one of the sacred sites of the best.Mt. Haguro is said to be reborn in a past life, when Mt. Yudonosan is the afterlife, and the three mountains of Mt.

Experience the practice of a mountain separated from the world

Mori to the Holy mountain away from worldly, the yamabushi of Dewasanzan who continue the grueling practice of shugendo.It is “Yamabushi training Cram School” that you can experience one end of the training.It is possible to touch the spirit culture which dwells in the Japanese by wearing the white upper and lower white costume used in the ceremony etc., and doing the part of “Ten field training” such as the fast and the water disconnect and the waterfall line.Two days of the course and two nights and three days per night.During the training experience, do not have any purse and clock, camera, mobile phone, and do not enter the bath, spend in the state of the costume without brushing and makeup.

Time to face oneself thoroughly in nature

During the experience, we entrust ourselves to nature and absorb the energy of nature into our bodies.It is a hard and harsh practice, but it also becomes time to face oneself and look at oneself, and the impression that the hesitation is removed is asked.On the first day of the third day of two nights, I change into a white costume used for ritual rituals and enter the mountain.The desire for clothing and shelter is abandoned, and the time is set up to walk around the shrine in Mt. Haguro in order to clean up the mind and body, and to take Zazen, which is called “Tokogatame”.The food is Ichina.

Through the fire, I am reborn into a new self.

On the second day, you can walk on Mt. Gassan and harden the floor.”Takiuchi” to unify the spirit is struck by a waterfall, “Ninkunogyo” to know the importance of air by spending in the room that smoked the pepper, etc., and experience the “Tengu Sumo” to take the sumo wrestling remains.At the end of the third day, we flew over the fire and finished the ceremony “birth ceremony” reborn as a new self.After that, we have a time of “Shojinotoshi” to enjoy the meal and sake to talk with the person who was training together, and to have become a new oneself after the training was safely done.

“Vegetarian food” that can feel the depth of Japan food

The Dewasanzan of the Shugendo is “vegetarian cuisine”.It is a meal to cut off meat, fish, and eggs, to cleanse oneself, to enter the sacred mountain, to incorporate the blessings of the mountain into the body and to purify the mind and body.It is said that the cooking method and the idea to the food ingredients of the dewasanzan of the vegetarian cuisine contributed greatly to the level up of the whole Japan food.By the way, in the case of “Shojinotoshi” of the Yamabushi training experience, the dish which uses meat and fish for this vegetarian dish is offered together.

Yamabushi Training School
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At the meeting place, cultural Memorial Hall (72 Injyuminami,touge, Haguro-machi,Tsuruoka-City, Yamagata Prefecture, )
Tel. 0235-62-4727 (Haguro-machi Tourist Association)
Rates  2 nights, 3 days, 32,000 yen * Full reservation system
Access approx. 45 minutes by bus from JR Tsuruoka Station
URL https://hagurokanko.jp/341-yamabushisyugyou/taikenjuku/