Experience: picking wild plants and cooking cereals and wild vegetables
Prefecture: Iwate Prefecture
Area name: Ninohe-shi Taruzawa

Experience menu of rural residents

In the Taruzawa district of Ninohe City, Iwate Prefecture where the experience that makes use of the resource and the trait of the region is positively done to revitalize the exchange of the city and the farm village, “Taruzawa 70 meeting”.I have been working for almost 17 years.Every year, a tour of wild plants is taken from around the end of May, and many people from all over the country participate in the Japan.After the wild plants are taken, it is a lot of contents of the Satoyama stroll, and tasting the dish that the local mothers make with the millet and the wild grass.

To the local mountain to pick up the taste and wild plants of spring

When we arrive in the Taruzawa district, we go into the mountains together with the members of the meeting.Because a lot of wild grass grows on the slope of the mountain, it climbs on a steep slope, and the wild grass is started.It is all right because the member of the meeting can understand easily even if it does not understand how to distinguish the kind of the wild mountain and how to take it.”It grows here a lot ! ” Because the voice is also put, people who participate for the first time can adopt a lot of bracken, MS, and proud.

Enjoy the rich nature of Mountain village

If you enjoy wild grass to the fullest, go to the village while strolling through the Taruzawa Mountain village.Beautiful fresh green, crisp air, and a rich nature that cannot be tasted in the city.Along the way, the members of the association can tell us about the flowers in this flower… and the mountain plants.They can also guide you to a spring spot that only local people know, and you can get your throat in a cool mountain spring.

Taste cooking using wild greens and cereals

When you come to the area of the village, a nostalgic scenery of Japan with rice fields and fields appears.At the Taruzawa District Living Improvement Center, local Moms Act as specialties using cereals and wild greens.The menu is different according to the day, but a lot of dishes such as the boiled of the wild grass Okowa and the wild grass are lined up.All the dishes that the mothers felt are delicious.In addition to recipes using cereals such as nutritious, pad, and millet, the preparation of wild grass that has been taken today and the way of cooking is taught.

Other activities include small New Year’s and harvesting experience.

In the Taruzawa district, we are planning to pick wild plants this spring, harvest crops in autumn, and also events for small New Year in February.The rice cakes and pickles are marinate on the New Year’s Day.The tour and event of “Taruzawa 70 meeting” that there are many repeaters.The reason is not to be able to be experienced in the city, of course, but in a good way, it is Taruzawa to meet people who are friendly and approachable.

Harvesting wild plants and the taste of cereals
Event Date: End of May-June
Venue Taruzawa District, Ninohe City, Iwate Prefecture
Tel 0195-23-3641 (Ninohe City Tourism Association)
Access approx. 20 minutes by taxi from Jr Ninohe Station (to Taruzawa District Living Improvement Center)
Depends on the content of the fee experience (inquiry required)
URL http://www.neti.jp/~gibaty/index.html  (Taruzawa 70 kai)
http://ninohe-kanko.com/(Ninohe City Tourism Association)