Experience: “Mizushugi” experience
Prefecture: Fukushima Prefecture
Area Name: Iwaki City Hiranuma District

Put water on the first-son, pray for good health and disease

The water gratuity in the swamp is a traditional event that has been passed for more than 400 years.Also known as the “Water Festival”, it is designated as the Iwaki City intangible folk Cultural Property.The content of the festival is one of the first sons of the year to live in the district is a yukata, good health three times to pray for safety and good harvest and bumper disease.Once it was held on January 15th of the lunar calendar, it is now being carried out on an adult day.It is likely not to be done when the first son is not.

“Mizushugi” associated with God to prevent fires

The water gratuity in the swamp is performed before the Atago General Jizo, honoring the god of fire.Unlike most of the buildings made of concrete and reinforcing bars, the old days were made with flammable materials, so the water gratuity in the place of the Atago faith.Because this water gratuity, it did not go little with the change in the age though it was likely to have been done actively in the Kanto and Tohoku provinces in old times.It is now a rare festival in Japan country.


The amount of the seal made with the radish which means the Amulet

In front of the water gratuity, “Sumi shugi” is made in the main shrine of Atago shrine.Sing the song Uwaru “Takasago” and “Iwaki Medeta” at the place of celebration by all, and then press the “Daikon van” on the forehead.This is said to be a sign of the amulet with ink on the mark made with the radish.When the Japanese radish van is pushed, the water gratuity is finally started.The water is put in the cold, and I shudder at just imagining it.

A bucket is put on the water to liven up the venue.

The first son of a yukata is waiting in the water place where the sand is paved and the rope is put.The four unmarried men chosen from the youth group of the district called “The tub Taking” carry the water that the well-kun had come from in the tub.When the tub-taking is put in all four sides of the water place, water is done to the first-son.However, it is not easily tantalize for variously to put water on the guest, and the spectator swells very much though the tub taking spills water, and it does not match it.

“Mizushugi” is finished with water for the first son in three times.

Water is taken to the first-son in three times.The first time is from the waist down, the second is from the chest down, and the third time water from the head.As soon as the water gratuity is over, the spectators scramble a bamboo with strips of water.Local people are going to offering this to the altar of the house.Because it is done in the cold anyway, the cold is indispensable when seeing.In addition, I do not forget a raincoat and a towel which may get wet because I can put water in a tub.

“Mizushugi” experience
Day of the Year for Adults (January)
Venue Atago General Jizo Sando (Hiranuma, Iwaki City 35)
Tel. 0246-22-7546 (Iwaki City Hall, cultural Promotion Division, Cultural Affairs Section)
Free of charge
Access approx. 20 minutes by bus from JR Iwaki Station
URL http://kankou-iwaki.or.jp/