The sleek cortex and beautiful form charm, “Shibata Yoshinobu Shoten” is fascinated by the Wappa Senge of Odate bending, the founder, Yoshinobu Shibata is known as one of the traditional crafts that represent the Tohoku, “Bending Wappa” in Odate City, Akita Prefecture.

The first name of the floated is “Shibata Yoshinobu Shoten” which manufactures and sells the bending Wappa using natural cedar.The founder, Yoshinobu Shibata (Shibata Shawn), originally worked for forestry authorities.In the work that touches the tree, the Senge which was in the average of familiar life is paid attention.I was convinced that it would continue for a long time as a culture and industry, and decided to enter the road of making Senge.First of all, I obtained various Senge and understood the mechanism by decomposing it, and mastered the technique by self-study.In 1964, he opened his own workshop independently. It is said, “it seems to have been born to make bending Wappa” from the person around, and Mr. Yoshinobu likes big Senge.In Japan, we have also visited overseas and collected many Senge.What I learned by touching a wide variety of Senge is being used for the bending wappa making in “Shibata Yoshinobu Shoten”, and “Senge is the one like my Master”.

Mr. Yoshinobu, who watches with his pupils ‘ challenges severely and with warm eyes, is the motto of his disciples not to speak, to see and to learn.I’ve told them to work on their own, not to be afraid of failure, and to always ask them if they are worth paying to buy.Sometimes I have to say harshly, but Yoshinobu’s look at his disciples is full of affection. At present, the workshop is the third son of Mr. Yoshinobu, and the second generation Changsha (good) has succeeded in the track.In August 2018, the Wappa Bldg, a complex facility that can experience the craftsmanship of bending Wappa, was opened as a new initiative.In addition to the space to perform exhibition sales and production experience of bending Wappa, the “Senge Museum of the World” will also be available to showcase Yoshinobu’s Senge collection.